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Visual Music

I am thrilled to announce that I have been approached by the Music Director of two prominent American symphony orchestras for a commission to create a visual music piece that will play in live multi-media performances for their 2018-2019 season.

The piece will synergize with an exciting, even delirious, short piece by a prominent living American composer. It has been performed from small concert bands to major symphony orchestras to great acclaim.

The timeframe is perfect for me: I have the room I need to work out technical and aesthetic issues that will take my AlgoRhythms to the next level. The lessons I pursued at my recent residency, wherein I sought to compose musical and rhythmic spaces, were intended to germinate artistic strategies for this very thing. The timing, actually, is quite extraordinary: it's difficult to avoid a sense that cosmic forces are at play to bring my vision to fruition.

Though I have been given the greenlight to begin work on the piece, negotiations are underway to work out the details of the commission, so I cannot divulge much more. I must say, the qualms I have as a computer graphics veteran in the entertainment business, where I have learned to never trust anything until ink has dried on a contract, are surprisingly absent. I know the passion and commitment of the conductor to introduce his audiences to ever more immersive experiences of classical music, in concerts that employ new and exciting technology that integrates technology and the arts, so I am certain to attend a concert where I'll see my piece played with this great music.

This is a tremendous opportunity not just for myself, but for the promulgation of a little-known artform that has enormous potential to enhance the way audiences experience music.

I will do my utmost to change the world with it.

Other News

Durham DIY Showcase

Part of my residency's sponsorship agreement with Rokenbok was that after the residency I would find a home for their products to further STEM education. That home is The Maker Garden, Durham Region's own Maker organization that's promoting the movement locally.

On Family Day (an Ontario holiday) there was a Durham DIY Showcase event in Oshawa where I joined with the Maker Garden to introduce kids to what STEM is about using Rokenbok. I think all the other tables were jealous of the popularity of ours -- we were like a kid magnet, swarmed with them throughout the event. The expression of one girl when we turned on the big gears was an open-mouth shock of surprise and wonder. It was a beautiful thing.

Durham Reach: Artist Talk

An extraordinary thing happened on Feb 26 '17: a gathering of regional artists assembled at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery to hear each other talk about their piece on display for the gallery's 50th anniversary show Durham Reach. It was wonderful not only to hear each artist's thoughts about their piece, but to meet them in such a setting. The energy was electric, and conversations continued long after the event itself ended. It felt like the beginning of a region's cultural awakening to me.

There's a lot of serious talent in this region, and it feels like it's only a matter of time before others discover that too.

Yours truly talking about Bosco Thinking

Congratulations to Rory Taillon!

I wish to congratulate my friend and serious beer-lover Rory Taillon for the release of a beer in his honour!

Rory is a hugely talented singer/songwriter whose fame is deservedly growing: if Tom Waits rocking really hard sounds good to you, you'll love Rory.

In Rory's honour 5 Paddles Brewing Co. has created an excellent and very strong vanilla porter, the bottle of which has a "removable label that plays Rory's song Jukebox when put on a record player". Great song, Great beer (honestly, the best vanilla porter I ever tasted), Great talent all around.

So Congratulations, Rory! And Kudos to 5 Paddles -- you did Rory proud!

It definitely feels like there's something abuzz in the air right now in Durham Region...
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Bosco Washing His Hands
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