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A Most Successful Residency!

I'll save the details of my residency at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery for a future blog post. All I'll say here is that I got exactly what I wanted from it: to embark on a path to fulfill a vision I've long had.

I warmly thank the RMG, my sponsors, and the many friends and fans and wide-eyed kids who all contributed to such a rewarding experience!

For now I'll just share a few pics of this memorable time.

The Opening Reception & OPG Family Day


The Presentation

At Work

The Night of the Big Shoot



These are not final works of art; rather, think of them as an artist's preliminary sketches.


Bosco News


Bosco Goes Legit (Part III: Fulfillment)

Bosco Thinking on the walls of the Robert McLaughlin Gallery for their 50th Anniversary show, Durham Reach, a celebration of regional artists. (The show made Canadian Art's influential and authoritative "Must-Sees" list!)


Speaking of Durham Reach, here's a picture of the artists at the Opening Reception. (I'm the few pixels in the upper right.)

Thank you for reading! Hope to hear from you soon.
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