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The Network Vista

  • Residency to Begin January 5, 2017
  • The Network Vista finds Sponsors!

Bosco News

  • RMGExposed
  • So who is Bosco?
  • Bosco Goes Legit

Residency to Begin January 5, 2017

My residency at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery (RMG) in Oshawa, Ontario, entitled The Network Vista, has been officially announced.

The RMG ArtLab residency mandate provides a venue for artists seeking to evolve by tackling work that is a "dramatic departure from work they have done in the past". I discuss the importance of this residency to me in a recent blog post, where, among other things, I state my two-fold goal:
  • To find a way to achieve a lifelong vision of a certain kind of patterned abstract space that I dub The Network Vista.
  • After having found a way to create this space, to apply what I've learned towards my AlgoRhythms. The Network Vista will help me find a way to create procedural animations that have enough sophistication, depth, subtlety, and temporal and structural integrity to approach the expressive power of music, which has always been my ultimate goal.
With this residency I feel like I am finally on the path that I have always been meant to travel, and I am excited and grateful for the opportunity. The space I'll be in is an open lab, so come to the basement of the RMG and say Hello!

I'll also be giving a talk about The Network Vista and it's relation to visual music on Sunday, January 15, 1:00-3:00.

The Network Vista finds Sponsors!

This isn't the time and place to go into the specifics about The Network Vista, other than to say it involves the construction of elaborate and complex spaces using a lot of construction toys and Student Design and Engineering Systems. Because this is such a large and ambitious project I approached a few companies that were happy to help me fulfill my vision.

So I am delighted to express my gratitude to the following people and their companies for helping to subsidize my residency with their generous discounts:
  • The Valtech Team, makers of Magna-Tiles
  • Frank Weihrauch of Playmais Canada, North American distributor of Clics, who has been very supportive.
  • And, especially, Paul Eichen, Executive Director of Rokenbok Education, who has taken a special interest in this project.
Thank you all!

Anyone who visits me can get hands on experience with these great educational construction systems too!

After the residency these products will be donated to The Maker Garden, Durham Region's own Community Makerspace, where I will conduct STEM classes with them.

Bosco News


On November 12, the RMG held their annual fundraising auction of juried photographs, RMGExposed. The turnout was extraordinary, as was the energy.

I'm delighted that Bosco Feeding Birds was one of a few dozen pics chosen out of over 400 submitted.

When I arrived at the event it already had a bid place on it, so I was glad to know that my image was contributing to the RMG's budget. As for the photograph itself, people stopped in their tracks when they saw it, probably because it's a shocking image that was so unlike anything else there. It was obvious some people loved it, and others not so much, but it seemed everyone responded to it. And that's just fine: not everyone likes challenging art.

I don't know what the final bid was, but that's besides the point: some Bosco lovers liked it enough to be willing to spend their hard-earned dollars to help support a great cause, and for that I am grateful.

So who is Bosco?

At this year's Strange and Astounding Show I unveiled two new Bosco photos: Bosco Handwashing (which has been added to the Bosco Gallery) and Bosco Scooping Litter.

While I was at the event someone came up to me and asked me point blank: So who is Bosco?. This simple, honest, and inevitable question really threw me, because I had never really thought about it before.

Since I didn't want to be thrown again by this question I gave it some thought. You can read what I came up with here. Or, then again, perhaps it's better that you don't...

(I've also posted an interview from last year that was never published.)

Bosco Goes Legit

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the RMG. (Congratulations RMG!) Bosco Thinking was invited to hang on a wall for their anniversary show. If you visit on January 29, you can see Bosco first, then come down to say Hello to me in the ArtLab! (My residency's last day is January 30.)

Happy New Year!

May 2017 be a great year for us all.
Thank you for reading! Hope to hear from you soon.
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