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Big Week

Show in Oshawa; Social Media Launch


Oshawa City Hall

Beginning Monday, January 11, 2016, my landscape photos of local trails will be on display in the Oshawa City Hall for their Art and Culture in the Hall series.

Fifteen works from five local trails in the southern Durham Region are on display, including Heber Down, Enniskillen, the Harmony Creek Trail, and the Ajax Lakeshore.

Kudos to Oshawa City for their sincere and successful efforts promoting local culture!
At the presentation case outside the Council Chambers of Oshawa City Hall, joined by Jason Dankel from the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

Website & Blog & Social Media

Oh My!

This has been a big week for me. In addition to the Oshawa show I've launched my newly refactored website! It may not look very different, but neither would a Honda Civic after swapping its factory engine for an LSX-454 Intercooled Twin Turbo racing engine.

Well, maybe my website isn't all that turbo-charged, but it's now dynamic, and that's a big deal to me since my website is now far more efficient to update. And I had to learn a lot to do it, which was also a very good thing.

One of its new features is a Blog. I'm very excited about this, because I haven't blogged in several years and I missed it.

And, perhaps most (r)evolutionary of all, I have overcome my profound reluctance and entered the social media landscape. I now have two Facebook pages (one for me, and one for Bosco), a twitter account, and an Ello page (a really nice social media destination for those wanting some ad-free inspirational beauty in their lives).

My first blog post discusses these things in my customarily gorgeous, scintillating, high-brow English -- factors no doubt instrumental in the success of my previous blog.

Win a 14x10.5 Limited Edition Landscape Print!

To celebrate my show at the Oshawa City Hall I shall raffle off an original signed and numbered 14x10.5 print to a lucky winner!

Yes, that's right: 14 x 10.5. Inches.

You will have a chance to win a signed and numbered print of this pic:
Heber Down: Trail 1

To enter the raffle simply send an email to:

     raffle [ at ] aleksimoriarty.com
     subject: 14x10.5 Landscape Raffle

Note: There was some confusion about the email address. Simply replace [ at ] with the ampersand and remove extra spaces to create a valid email address. The reason for this is to minimize the amount of spam I receive. For more information about this convention please read this.
But wait, there's more!

The winner and 3 runner-ups will receive a 50% discount for up to 3 available limited-edition prints in any of my online color galleries, of any size of their choosing! (Prints only; discount doesn't apply to framing.)
Submissions must be received by Sunday, Jan 31 2016, 11:59pm.

Winners will be notified on Tuesday, Feb 02. I'll announce the winners in my next newsletter (unless they prefer otherwise).

Winners of Newsletter #1's Bosco Raffle

    Winner: Jason S (Toronto, ON)
    Runner-Ups: Sean L (Oshawa, ON); Jenn L (Oshawa, ON); Anon (San Mateo, CA)

Other News

A new Bosco pic!

Sabre Dance at the Rochester Philharmonic...?

Though too early to confirm, negotiations are under way with the Rochester Philharmonic for a multi-media concert that will lead off with my visual music piece of Khachaturian's Sabre Dance. Stay tuned...

Still currently showing at the Whitby Chamber of Commerce

I still have nine pieces showing on the walls of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce. Check it out, they love visitors there.

Several New Galleries Added

I've added some new galleries:

Still Looking for Artists

There's so much talent in the Golden Horseshoe. Let's start a movement, a new Group of Seven, so that we can keep local talent local! If you're an artist or photographer with a voice and vision -- especially one who believes our aesthetics may align -- let's get together. Contact me.

Discount Reminder

All subscribers to my newsletter get a 15% discount to any limited edition (unframed) print!

Playground: Chester: 02
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