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The World Premier of Circuits


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  • A Medical Interlude
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The World Premier of Circuits

The big news is that my commission for a piece of visual music from the Boulder Philharmonic & Shreveport Symphony to accompany a live concert performance of Cindy McTee's symphonic piece Circuits has been delivered. Its world premier is Saturday, February 1, 2020, in a concert by the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra.

So if you're in Shreveport, LA, or the general ArkLaTex area, don't miss it!

It will also be performed Saturday, April 25, 2020, by the Boulder Philharmonic.

I've dedicated the piece to maestro Michael Butterman, in profound gratitude for his patronage, patience, support, and most of all for his belief in the artform I'm pursuing.

I'll provide a link to the finished piece after its performance in Boulder. In the meantime click here to see a teaser of it.

Unfortunately I cannot attend the world premier performance. I would love to be able to attend the Boulder performance, but may be unable to for upcoming medical reasons.

Other News


A Medical Interlude

Speaking of things medical, a big part of the reason for the delay (both for this newsletter, and for delivering the commission) was for medical reasons. Without going into boring detail, I'll just say that much time was spent traveling, waiting in waiting rooms, consulting with doctors, and having all sorts of fun medical tests that ultimately led to heart surgery before I could get a radical prostatectomy, followed by a long recovery period.

Donna (my lovely spouse & life-partner) and I estimate that I have had consultations with at least 60 doctors (all specialists) in the span of 16 months at a variety of hospitals and clinics in two countries. Why so many? Because 1) assumptions were made that were mistaken; 2) I was receiving conflicting recommendations; and 3) my situation was complicated by a previous experimental chemo & radiation treatment regime that was part of a major government-funded research protocol back in the 80s that saved my life from what was, back then, a hitherto 100% fatal form of non-Hodgins lymphoma.

That's the nutshell version of a very long story from which I will spare you. (Though a few medical professionals have suggested I write a memoir about my experiences...)

The result of it all, as of today, is that I'm still here and doing well (thanks to the excellent Canadian healthcare system). But I recently learned I'm not completely out of the woods yet, which means I will probably require more fun things soon, which is why I may be unable to attend the concert in Boulder.


I now find myself on the Board of Directors of one of Canada's most significant galleries, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (aka The RMG), in Oshawa, Ontario.

I fell in love with this gallery the first time I visited. The RMG is home to the largest collection of Painters 11, Canada's homegrown group of pioneering abstractionists. It's a gem of a gallery with an important collection of modern art presented in wonderful spaces.

It's not only an important gallery, it's becoming an increasingly vital cultural hub for the region, with numerous outreach programs and social events that attracted its greatest number of visitors this past year.

Having had a residency here I can attest to the professionalism of the staff, their dedication to artists, and their resolve to their mission "to create conversation through the arts to encourage people to experience the world differently."

I will do my best to help this important gallery thrive.


New Bosco Series

Please visit the new Bosco Project webpage to see two new Bosco series: Bosco at the Embassy Theater, and Bosco at a Hilton.

  Bosco in Hallway

Bosco is now Wearable Art!

Now you can go out in style with your very own Bosco shirt!

Click here for a selection of shirts (Bosco and other subjects) to wear on the town.
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