What are House Portraits?

Anyone can take a picture of your house.

Commercial photographers take beautiful, utilitarian pictures of them. Such pictures serve commercial ends, which is what you want when it's time to sell your house.

A fine-artist seeks to capture the essence of your home through the filter of his own perception and aesthetic, transforming it into a work of art.

As I honed my technique to convey my aesthetic I discovered that I was able to capture that sense of mystery in a house, just as a truly artful portrait can reveal something of the essence of the person deeper than their surface appearance.

So I don't just take pictures of houses. Anyone can do that. I take portraits of them.

A House Portrait is a commission to have a fine-artist — me — turn your home (or your client's home) into a work of art to hang on your wall.


Print Fees
in inches
Unframed Exclusive Edition
Signed & Numbered 1/1
8 x 6
$50 +$100
14 x 10.5
$150 +$250
24 x 18
$450 +$500


All photographs are printed on archival quality paper.

Exclusive Editions
- optional -

For an additional fee your print can be an exclusive signed and numbered edition of 1. This option guarantees you will have the only print ever made (other than a single, optional Artist Proof I reserve the right to print).

Why would anyone want to pay extra for this option? Four reasons:

  1. It guarantees there will be no other print made of your house.
  2. Consider this a bonus to help support me as an artist.
  3. The possibility that my prints may one day be sought after: if they are signed and numbered they will be far more valuable since the provenance is guaranteed.
  4. The more who opt for this option, the quicker and more likely your investment will increase in value, besides just looking great on your wall.

Framing Options
Print Size Quality
Italian Mouldings
Crystal Clear &
UV Protection
8 x 6
~$75 ~$85
14 x 10.5
~$135 ~$160
24 x 18
~$180 ~$200

- optional -

Why spend the money on a beautiful photograph of your home if you're going to put it in a frame from the dollar store?

I strongly believe that a frame makes or breaks a work of art. That's why I encourage my clients to allow me to frame their new photograph for them.

I have a relationship with an excellent framer who gives me a professional discount. I make no profit from the frames: I offer them at slightly above cost because it's so important to me that the frame complement the photograph.

This is an optional service I offer. You will be hard pressed to find comparable frames at this price. (Note: all prices are approximate.)

Location Shooting Fees
<30" travel
30"-1' travel
1'-3' travel
>3' travel
$100 $125
per hour
Per Day Plus travel & lodging

Location Shooting Fees

The further I need to travel to take a house portrait, the more I must charge. Unlike a portrait studio where you travel to me, I must clear my schedule to visit your home. And the further I need to travel, the fewer bookings I can make.

Note: Travel distance is round trip. The one hour $75 location shooting fee is included in the travel fee.

Special Request Rates
"Magic" Light
Sunrise, Sunset
$200 Special Conditions
Full Moon, Dramatic Sky...
Dawn/Dusk/Twilight $200 People in Shot $100
Night $175 Animals/Pets
in Shot

Special Request Fees
- optional -

There may be a certain special feature you want with your House Portrait. Perhaps your house looks best at dawn. Or night. Or twilight. Perhaps you want a dramatic shot with a full moon, or a threatening sky. Maybe you want to be in the picture. I will do my best to accomodate your special request, but I cannot guarantee it. If I'm able to satisfy your special request this will be an add-on expense.

Thus these rates apply only if requested before the shoot, as they require schedule and/or technical accommodations.

How it Works

A House Portrait is a commission to have me turn your home into a work of art to hang on your wall.

I ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your house: its location, the way it faces, the surrounding area, etc., so I get an idea of the best time of day to visit. We discuss what particularly interests you about your house.

I travel to your house at an arranged date & time. Your house is prepared as you'd like it to appear: windows opened or closed, lights on or off, cars in or out of the driveway, etc. We discuss the particulars beforehand to make sure it's "dressed" properly for the occasion.

At the appointed time I arrive and take pictures. It generally takes me less than an hour. When the photos are ready, usually within a day or two, I post them online for your perusal. You purchase the one(s) you want. If none of them meets your satisfaction, you only pay for my travel time.

That's it.

Note: if you want something more than a House Portrait (eg: you'd like a photobook of your domicile, yard, guest quarters, etc.), that is a different kind of negotiated commission.

Background: Why House Portraits...?

I've always been a walker. As a kid I went for long walks around my neighborhood. As I got older I walked further afield through other neighborhoods, until I was walking several miles away to find new neighborhoods to explore.

I grew up in a fairly rural suburb where the lots were big and the houses spread out. The neighborhoods were all quiet, safe, and often heavily wooded. I walked through these neighborhoods at all times of day and night. The streets were quiet, so I would seldom have a car drive past me; and there were no sidewalks, so I was usually the only one walking. I could walk for literally hours without seeing another person.

I loved watching the houses slowly go by me as I walked past them. Each house fascinated me. Each house had a story, a personality, contained a mystery; each house was more than a container for the family within, it had a soul of its own.

Portrait artists are fascinated by people and seek to capture their essence. I am fascinated by houses: their geometries, their lines, their colors, their setting. Houses, too, can have portraits taken of them.

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