What is The Bosco Project?

At a showing of The Bosco Project someone came up to me and asked me point blank "So who is Bosco?"

The question caught me off guard. It had honestly never occured to me to field such a question.

I hemmed, then hawed, then made up some lame bullshit. Neither of us found the answer satisfying.

But isn't it the artist's responsibility to answer such questions? Aren't we supposed to produce Artist Statements? Aren't artists supposed to be entrepreneurial now, constantly marketing ourselves? Shouldn't I have my elevator speech at the ready?

I've always believed that the best way to learn what you think is to write it down: the physical act of using fingers to make words appear in concrete form brings into focus one's amorphous thoughts. So some time later, in good faith, I attempted to answer the question "So who is Bosco?"

But I came up short.

So rather than come up with all sorts of high-sounding verbiage, I'll just confess that I don't know how to answer the question Who is Bosco?, or What is The Bosco Project about? Since I don't think about Bosco's meaning I can only let the work speak for itself.

The best I can do is assert that I find the appearance of Bosco, in whatever space he is carefully photographed in, to be most aesthetically satisfying: as a focal point, he brings to life his environment by creating a frisson with it that makes the setting uncanny.

He is the lone bird singing in an alien, darkening landscape that makes the silence even more palpable.

Hey... maybe that's my elevator pitch!



You're free to do what you wish, of course, like hurting Bosco by putting him in a dollar store frame. But you ought to leave the framing to me, since Bosco knows he looks best in the mouldings below, and I use a professional framer who gives me very good prices.
(I make no profit from framing because it's more important to me that Bosco look good wherever he hangs.)

Larson-Juhl Allegra 369714, w5029 mat Larson-Juhl Ambrosia 387184, w5029 mat


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